Roofing & Glazing

Duroplastic supplies a wide range of profiled sheeting in many different profiles (Including corrugated and IBR) and colours in Polycarbonate, Fibreglass and Steel.

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Profiled corrugated roofsheeting


Polycarbonate Skylight Roofsheeting

Polycarbonate profiled sheeting product manufactred by one of the worlds leading suppliers of plastic sheets.


Fibreglass Skylight Roofsheeting

Fibatuf fibreglass roofsheeting offers high durability, high light transmission and weather resistance. It is ideal for industrian buildings , domestic structures , greenhouses and skylight applications.


Indutrial Fibreglass Roofsheeting

Fibatuf MAX is a heavy duty industrial sheet for extreme conditions or where longevity is required without the concern of strength reduction.



Polycarbonate Opaque Roofsheeting

Obsidian is  100% Recycled Polycarbonate Roofsheeting that combines Stunning Aesthetics with Unmatched Sustainability.

CS Diamond

CS Diamond

CS Diamond is a super tough, super strong and super resilient corrugated polycarbonate sheet with an attractive diamond embossed pattern. 

Multiwall and Roofing Systems
Duro Multiwall


Duroplastic multiwall sheets are available in a range of thicknesses, structures and options for the range of roofing, cladding and glazing applications.

Duro Clickloc-Clear Frame


Clickloc is an easy-fit roofing panel which provides the ideal DIY roofing solution for Verandas, Canopies or Car Ports. Requiring no glazing bars, the easy-fit panels simply click and lock together to provide an instant roof. 

Duro Clickfix-Product Frame


Clickfix 1040 is the complete architectural glazing system. The unique interlocking glazing panels are manufactured from multiwall polycarbonate sheet which simply click and fix into place for a completely seamless facade.