Duolite® awnings, crafted in-house from our Multiwall polycarbonate sheeting, epitomize quality. These awnings can be seamlessly extended by joining sheets with standard brackets. Functionally versatile, they shield windows, curtains, and furniture from sun-induced damage. Harnessing polycarbonate’s benefits, these awnings efficiently moderate indoor temperatures in summer, safeguarding entrances, windows, and individuals from rain and hail during winter. A harmonious blend of durability and protection, Duolite® awnings offer a year-round solution for both residential and commercial spaces.

Features & Benefits

UV Resistant

Offering a convenient and cost-effective answer to sun, rain, and hail concerns, this solution provides 99% UV protection while permitting ample natural light transmission.

Weather Resistant

Suitable for all climates.
Duolite awnings are also hail resistant.

Made in South Africa

Made in our very own factorys with strict quilty control


Put it together yourself using the supplied instruction booklet. An easy 3 step installtion process.


Provides excellent durability and a sturdy, well made design.

3 Year Warranty

DUOLITE® features a 3 Year Manufacturers Guarantee from date of purchase under the terms and conditions.